Submission Criteria for PTA Council Enrichment Fund Requests

  1. Any requests for enrichments that will take place in September-November must be submitted to PTA Council Board by May of the previous school year at the last PTA Council meeting.

  2. Request for enrichments that will take place in January or February must be submitted for review by the October PTA Council meeting.

  3. Request for enrichments that will take place in March-May must be turned in for review by January.

  4. Coordination of the enrichment will be facilitated by the PTA Council Board. This includes calendar time line, approval of promotional material and details of event.

  5. Any student enrichment that is included in the parent enrichment must be approved by the school administrator.

  6. Person or group requesting the funding of the enrichment must present the enrichment information to the PTA Council.

  7. If admission fees or donations are collected for the enrichment, the monies collected can only be used to offset the direct cost of that particular enrichment. If the monies collected are above the amount needed to cover the costs, the money left over will go back to the PTA Council Enrichment Fund.

  8. Any enrichment that is approved for the PTA Council Enrichment Fund must be a district wide event.

  9. Please fill out the PTA Council Enrichment Request Application form completely.